Finikounta lies at the southernmost part of western Peloponesos near Akritas Cape. The picturesque fishing village preserves its natural beauty and tradition.

Metoni Fortress (5 minutes away from the studios)
Methoni is dominated by its impressive fortress which stretches out into the sea and is separated from the town by a wide moat. Outside the fortress there is a stone bridge with 14 arches. The fortress is the best presrved in the entire Mediterranean. Also inside the fortress there is agentive medieval town.

Pylos (20 minutes away from the studios)
Pylos is a beautiful small town at the southwestern part of Peoponesos. At the centre of the town there is a square which stands out for its imposing monument to the 3 Admirals (1993).

Koroni (20 minutes away from the studios)  
Koroni is a small traditional settlement, with a rare natural beauty. Built amphitheatrically, with the end point the Venetian Castle at the highest point, it gives a visitor a sense of being back in the Middle Ages. The main landmark of Koroni is the castle that was also built by the Venetian, together with the one in Methoni.

Sapienza is one of the Inousses islets. This island is the most important and beautiful in the cluster of the Messinian Inouses. Dense vegetation, crystal waters, rocky coasts and forests of unique beauty compose the perfect setting for your holidays. The history and the legends trigger the visitors imagination challenging him to explore the lost monastery.

West of Cape Akritas is the largest island of Oinousses the sliver. The coast is rocky with deep waters and only on the south side there is a closed leeward bay. On the western side of the island Schiza and 400 m from the sea, there is a wonderful unexplored cave known as "Black Hole".



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